Whether your project is an extension to the side of your house or you are building a new one the architectural services you require will follow a very similar path.

We will be able to provide the necessary service for each step of the process.


We will arrange a first meeting usually at the site of your project, we will discuss your requirements and advise on design, construction, costs, planning etc. We will come away from that meeting having obtained a design brief from yourselves. At that meeting we will discuss what is involved in the project and the services we are able to provide, we can also provide at the meeting a portfolio of similar projects if required.


From the Initial Briefing Meeting we will write back to you with confirmation of the design brief and give you a break down of the services we will provide and a cost to carry out each stage. Upon receipt of your approval to the fee quote we will then progress to the survey stage.


Almost all projects will require some form of measured survey. Most building surveys will be carried out by us, more complicated buildings or sites may be carried out by a specialist firm of surveyors, we will be able to arrange for this on your behalf. The survey will then be transferred into a drawn form and drawings of the existing building or site will be produced.


We will take the design brief and work with the drawings of the existing property or site to produce sketch drawings of your requirements. This may take the form of simple plans or may include elevations and sections where necessary.


When you are happy with the design drawings we will produce full plans and elevations and complete all the necessary paperwork for the Planning Submission. We will then submit the Planning Application and liaise with the Planners during the 8 week Planning process. Some small extensions don't require a full Planning Application as they are classed as Permitted Development, we will advise you of this at the initial briefing meeting.


When your project has Planning Permission we will then produce detailed drawings to show compliance with the Building Regulations. We will then submit these drawings along with the necessary paperwork to the Local Authority or Approved Inspector for approval.